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Leadership Challenge in the 21st Century

Current Situation

  • The workplace has changed; it is more difficult, unstable and complex.

  • The skills needed for leadership have also changed – thoughtful and creative thinking skills are needed.

  • The approach to leadership development remains pretty constant

  • Seventy percent of leadership development is done through

ssessments, on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, formal training

  • Because of the rapid changing environment with technology, personnel challenges, innovation and training, leaders are two steps behind the current trends.

Leadership Challenge

  • One of the challenges is to get managers to understand that practical skills are great; however the term, “thinking outside of the box,” is more prevalent today then ever before.

  • Understanding what leadership means is great, but execution (how to) is lacking in leadership development.

In my book, Stand Up and Be Counted Now, I discuss a model for leadership. To survive in a business world characterized by rapid change and increasing complexity, those who can tolerate vagueness and make decisions in the face of uncertainty will rise to the top. The organizations of the future will be flatter and top heavy positions will be eliminated. Personal success will be dependent on participatory skills and innovation. To address the difficulty and complexity:

  • Become a force to be reckoned with

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Look at the “bigger” picture

  • Empower others to do their jobs

  • Strategize, Innovate, Execute

Brenda Lane-Oliver, speaker, author and professional coach, conducts Leadership and Personal Growth Workshops and Retreats.


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