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You Just Might Be Interested in this Opportunity

We are so excited to share lessons from my book entitled, Creating the Million Dollar Leader: 52 Inspirational Lessons to Attract the Life You Want (CTMDL). The goal is to show you how the lessons can be applied to your personal, professional and business goals.

For example on July 14, 2016, I will be starting a VIP Mastermind Group based on Lesson 50, Matching Wits (Masterminds) of CTMDL. The group will consist of 5-7 high energy, highly motivated, creative and visionary business minded people who have been successful for at least 4 years (Can you feel the enthusiasm?). This will be a rotating powerful 6-week in-person business mastermind. The key is to be non compete. In other words, participants will not be competing for the same clients.

If you are interested in starting your own mastermind, they can be used for different types of groups:

  • Topic Based - (fitness, animal rights, children and family, etc.)

  • Mission Based - One Single Goal (Real Estate, Health or other single profession)

  • Business - (to help each member grow their business)

  • Goals and Accountability - (help members stick with their goals)

To start your own mastermind group, read Lesson 50 (CTMDL) and check out these sample guidelines for a Mission-Based Bloggers Mastermind Group.

If you have an interest in the VIP Mastermind Group commencing in July:

-No two accepted businesses would be in direct competition with each other.

-Everyone gets structured, heaven sent advice, to the best of the other participants abilities.

Ideal candidates for this program:

1. Preferred businesses: travel, commercial real estate, market research, event planning, social media, affiliate marketers, public relations, and/or HR; however, other professions are welcome.

2. Have a business that depends on the web or other resources in some fundamental way, and is currently making revenue.

3. Have a strong skill set and are excellent communicators.

4. Has had some business success.

5. Feels comfortable putting group advice in to action and showing results in aggressive timeframes.

If you are in the Maryland area and want to apply to be in the group email

  1. Tell me in 2-4 sentences + 1 URL what your business does.

  2. Tell me in 2-4 sentences why you think you’d benefit from a mastermind group like this.

  3. Tell me in 2-4 sentences what you believe you’ll bring to the table.

  4. Send me your phone number, so I can call you. Additional information available.

Check out my website www.LaneOliverConsulting for information on other programs and the new self-discovery guide coming this fall.

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