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Leading by Example

The greatest leaders in history were the ones who had the ability to command the respect of the people who followed them. This is something that they earned. It was not blindly given to them. One can be given authority by simply being in a position. However, no position can garner respect. It is the actions of the individual that lead to others providing it.

One of the most basic ways to gain the respect of those, which you have, authority is by example. Whatever you preach, be certain that you are living it. Management is not about issuing orders. It is about making decisions that are to the benefit of the organization. Sometimes, these decisions come in conflict with the team. How these challenges are surmounted is partially contingent upon the respect the manager has from the personnel.

Leading through your actions is one effective way to gain the respect of your staff. Another is to exemplify the characteristics that the organization is promoting. If you are seeking honesty, a willingness to work, and intelligence, it is best to have these traits yourself. People are more apt to stay and work late if their manager is putting the hours in also. Similarly, if a leader is willing to get his/her hands dirty, the organization knows that person is not looking down at them. Businesses make the lines of command clear. A manager who is a working part of the team will have the respect of those personnel.

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