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Strategies to Ensure Organizational & Business Survival

Are you ready to take your organization or business to the next level?

Every business needs to have a business plan that sets forth the strategies, operational objectives and programs for the year. To ensure that goals are being reached, quarterly planning sessions should be held with management and staff. If you are a small business bring the team (volunteers or paid members) together to evaluate successes and areas that need improvement.

The business plan should be updated quarterly because what you know today may change tremendously in three months. During this time, check out your competition, are you close to realizing your dream compared to their successes?

Determine what resources are required (inventory, personnel and cash). Look at your sales projections for the year, are you moving in the right direction, if not that is why you are having the quarterly meeting. It’s time to conquer the problem and make appropriate changes.

Leadership and a team approach are important. The strength of the team makes all the difference in the success or failure of a business. The team should also consist of the right consultant, coach, banker, adequate cash, attorney and others whom, I call the termites (they help get the immediate tasks taken care of). The point is to not become dependent on you or any single source.

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