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Big Ten for Mastering Leadership Skills

Leadership skills include the ability to master yourself; hence building a constant following of people who want to enthusiastically work as a part of your team. For this to happen, you will need to master your personal skills through self-direction. Here are 10 tips on mastering self-directed leadership skills.

  1. Know that self-directed leadership requires constant practice and years of experience to attain.

  2. You need to be wise, yet humble.

  3. Prove that you are ready to lean forward to make a difference.

  4. Prepare to face challenges and overcome them.

  5. Self-directed leadership requires life long learning and training.

  6. Have the energy to meet the challenge.

  7. Be impressive without trying.

  8. Self-directed leaders are game changers; thus, they are forever searching.

  9. Self- directed leaders realize that the road is rough, but they have faith and do not allow limited beliefs to obstruct their journey.

  10. The self-directed knows that when you able to snatch the pebble from the hand of your mentor, you have attained the goal of becoming your own master.

In other words, empowered self-directed individuals in leadership positions must possess the optimism, happiness, motivation, consciousness, personality, emotional intelligence and self-monitoring to fully appreciate what it means to manage oneself and others.

Brenda Lane-Oliver is the author of Creating the Million Dollar Leader and Stand Up and Be Counted Now. She also has a Facebook group "Join The 100K

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